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Mental Health Services

Resources to Locate Specific Providers


SAMHSA Treatment Locator
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Call SMA Healthcare’s Access Center at 800-539-4228

Call LSF’s Access to Care Line at 877-229-9098

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Online Mental Health Resources

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Man Therapy (male focused resource)

ULifeline (for college mental health)

Local Mental Health Providers

Note: inclusion in the list of providers below does not constitute endorsement by Flagler Lifeline.

Adapt Behavioral Services

Services: Individual and Family therapy, age 2-17 and adults

Location: Services provided in home, at school. Office in Ormond Beach.

Availability: Waiting list normally less than 1 week.

Insurance: Accepts all Medicaid plans, United, Aetna and most other insurance providers (out-of-network), sliding fee scale provided for private pay.

Phone:  386.898.5003

Big Bear Behavioral Health

Services: Individual and Family therapy, all ages

Location: Services provided in home, at school. Office in Maitland.

Availability: Waiting list normally 1-8 weeks.

Insurance: Accepts Medicaid, many insurance plans and sliding fee scale provided for private pay.

Phone: 800.840.2528, Ext. 1

Children’s Home Society (Clinical Services)

Services: Individual and Family therapy, all ages

Location: Services provided in home, at school. Office in Daytona Beach, Visitation Center in Bunnell.

Availability: No waiting list.

Insurance: Accepts Medicaid.

Phone:  386.304.7600

Chrysalis Health

Services:  Mental Health and Substance Abuse Therapy  Ages 3-adult

Location: Services provided in home, at school, office located in Daytona.

Availability: No waiting list, services provided usually within 7-10 business days.

Insurance: Accepts all Medicaid plans, sliding fee scale for private pay.

Phone:  386.256.1333

Get Off the Couch Counseling, LLC.

Services:  Individual, couple and group therapy for adolescents (12+) & adults.  Offering Walk/Talk Therapy.

Location:  50 Leanni Way, C4, Palm Coast, FL 32137

Availability:  No waiting list

Insurance:  Medicare, Cigna and Florida Blue, Private Pay Sliding Fee Scale Available

Phone:  386.627.8156


Services: Outpatient Behavioral Health Services through telehealth offered statewide across Florida, The Village, a transitional housing facility for homeless and foster youth between the ages of 18-24, and The Grove, a residential substance abuse/misuse treatment program for youth ages 13-17.

Location: 111 W Magnolia Ave, Longwood, FL 32750 (Administrative offices only)

Availability: Waitlist usually 7-10 days

Insurance: We accept all FL Medicaid plans, private pay and other funding is usually available for those in need.

Phone: Visit to make a referral or…

For outpatient behavioral telehealth services (407) 215-0095 option 2

For transitional living services (407) 484-3043

For residential substance abuse/misuse services (407) 215-0095 option 3

For foster care/adoption services (407) 484-3043

Liz Villanueva, MS, LMHC, NCC

Psychotherapy/Counseling Bilingual English/Spanish  

Services:  Individuals and Couples therapy for adolescents (12+) & adults.  Offering Walk/Talk Therapy.

Location: Palm Coast & St. Augustine

Availability:  No waiting list

Insurance:  Self-Pay, FHCP, OON

Phone:  904-834-5051

REACH Counseling & Wellness, LLC

Services: Individual and family therapy, ages 10-65

Location: 4721 E Moody Blvd., Suite 204, Bunnell, Fl 32110

Availability: no waiting list currently

Insurances:  Blue Cross Blue Shield, Florida Health Care Plans, Cigna, Self Pay rates

Contact Information:  386-793-9669 (p);  386-256-1761 (f) ;

SMA Healthcare

Services:  Individual and Group Mental Health Therapy for Adults, Care Coordination, Medication Outpatient for psychiatric assessment, therapy and medication management and CTTU crisis unit.

Location:  Vince Carter Sanctuary , 301 Justice Lane, Bunnell, FL 32110

Availability:  Contact SMA Access Center at 1-800-539-4228

Insurance:  Accepts Medicaid, many insurance plans, sliding scale for private pay

Phone: 800.539.4228

St. Augustine Youth Services

Services: Transitional Life coaching for ages 16-21

Location: Services provided in home, at school. Office at Matanzas High School.

Insurance: No fees, grant funded program.

The House Next Door

Services: Individual and Family therapy, sexual abuse treatment, infant mental health, all ages

Location: Services provided in home, at school. Office in Bunnell.

Availability: No waiting list.

Insurance: Accepts Medicaid, sliding fee scale provided for private pay.

Phone:  386.738.9169

Choosing a Mental Health Provider

Adapted from Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition

It is very important to select a therapist that you can develop a trusting relationship and can feel comfortable with the provider. The following is an explanation of the primary titles providers use and a brief description of the scope of their practice.

  • Psychiatrists will have M.D. after the name. These physicians receive the basic training required of any physician. After this initial training, there is specialized course work followed by a period of residency in psychiatry. The educational background of psychiatrists provides the basis for identification of biochemical factors that cause emotional difficulties. Psychiatrists are the only “counseling” discipline who can prescribe medications as a result of their licensure.
  • Clinical Psychologists have Ph.D. after their names. Clinical psychologists complete a lengthy intern¬ship in a clinical setting. Members of this discipline emphasize the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of individuals in psychological distress. Interventions used to help an individual include individual, group, marriage and family therapy.
  • Social Workers will display M.S.W. after their names. The persons have completed a Masters degree in Social Work. These clinicians focus on individuals, families or groups in social, work or communities. Members of this discipline are trained to deal with life crises, developmental problems and emotional problems that arise in social situations. L.C.S. W. after a social workers name stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker. These individuals have completed a substantial number of hours in the clinical area under the supervision of a licensed therapist and passed a written exam.
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors, L.M.H.C, are individuals who have completed a program with course work leading to a Master’s degree. The emphasis of these types of programs is on working toward mental wellness and diagnosis of mental illness. Programs also prepare the practitioner to perform personality testing under the supervision of a clinical psychologist. Eligibility for licensure also requires a substantial number of supervised clinical hours completed under a licensed therapist and a written exam passed.
  • Another closely related counseling discipline that is commonly found in the phone book is that of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, L.M.F.T. As the name implies, the focus of this discipline is marriage and family therapy. These therapists have also completed a Master’s degree program and have obtained licensure after completing the clinical hours under a licensed therapist and passing the written exam.
  • The final discipline of therapists commonly seen in private practice is that of the Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, A.R.N.P. The nurses who work in psychiatry have a Master’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing. In the State of Florida an A.R.N.P. can write prescriptions if they have the proper course work in preparation and are under the direction of a psychiatrist.

Other Information Resources for Selecting a Provider

Mayo Clinic
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
Mental Health America